Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Welcome to our small family farm!

Welcome to our small family farm. We are located in Spokane, Washington. We raise beef, chicken, eggs, and produce as naturally as we can. This blog serves three purposes:

1) To announce products available locally from our farm

2) To take orders for our farm products, and,

2) To provide education on small farm living and raising natural meat, eggs, and produce

My husband and I both grew up around large production farming operations and studied agriculture in college at the University of Idaho. These farming operations were much larger than our small family farm. We both decided after college that although we like being around the animals on a farm, neither of us wanted farming to be our full-time job. Our solution was to farm on a small scale while making the majority of our income from off-farm employment.

We offer a unique perspective in farming on a small acreage and I hope you will continue to follow our updates.

Jayme and April

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