Saturday, March 26, 2011

Springtime! Garden time!

It is time to start thinking about that garden.  Such fun!  What to plant?  How to rotate the location of the plants from last year to reduce disease?  What soil amendment is needed?

I usually draw out my garden on a piece of blank paper and start drawing squares to represent the different types of plants - and where they will go.  I intentionally move plant location from year to year.  Except, of course, those plants that don't move - like raspberry and blueberry bushes and the strawberry patch.

I began starting my own seeds for the plants in my garden years ago.  I just couldn't find tomato plants locally that would give me enough tomatoes for lots of salsa before our first frost - sometimes in September!  Then, since I began growing tomatoes from seed, it was easy to just start adding on other veggies.

This year I will be starting many different veggies from seed.  For the first time, I'm taking pre-orders for garden plants.  You can choose from the seeds that I have.  Then in mid May - I'll have a plant for you in a 3-4 inch pot ready to go into your garden!  Need an order form or more information, just let me know.

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