Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blue Potatoes and Cherry Pie

We harvested our first green beans for dinner tonight.  I thought it would be fun to let the boys dig up some of the blue potatoes.  One of the plants is starting to die, so harvest is nearing anyway.  This is our first year growing blue potatoes.  We can let you know how they taste after dinner tonight.

Jacob is very excited to show you a blue potato.  They are actually more like a very deep purple.

I am cooking these just like boiled baby red potatoes.  I'll serve them with butter and parsley.

I used up the cherries from our cherry tree today.  They became 7 pints of Cherry Jam using a recipe from my friend Ronda.  Ronda owns an orchard up at Greenbluff.  The remaining cherries became a pie.  Yummy!

We plan to go up to Greenbluff and get some more cherries this weekend.  I'm after the sour "pie cherries".  They are fantastic!  Maybe I'll see you up there.

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