Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly Update - July 23, 2011

Harvest has started on our family farm.

We are picking strawberries and raspberries every 2-3 days.  Jacob insisted on being in every photo.  He loves having his picture taken!

Yesterday we harvested the first head of cabbage.  Sugar snap peas are ready and waiting for a stir-fry tonight.  Jacob is in front of our sugar snap peas climbing up a trellis.
The boys eat carrots straight from the garden "bunny-rabbit-style".  We recently took some freshly dug carrots to a friend's pool party.  Who would have thought that preschool kids would love carrots so much!  Carrots are one of the crops that I am going to experiment with overwintering in low hoops.

We are also entering some vegetables in the Spokane Interstate Fair.  One of the contests is for the largest turnip.  We are hoping to win 1st place with this mammoth!

Lastly, greenhouse construction continues.  Jayme is working on the roof.  We are using many recycled materials in the construction.  The cement block was previously used.  Some of the timber is recycled from an old deck.  All the windows going into the walls are recycled from houses getting a new set of windows.  The roof will be a plastic greenhouse film, coated with uv protectors and an anti-drip material.  It will let in 85% of the sunlight and will help in warming the greenhouse this winter.

The plan for this greenhouse is to be a "cold greenhouse" - unheated except by the sun.  We are hoping to raise a variety of winter vegetables - primarily baby leaf lettuce and greens.  Maybe we'll even sell some.  It promises to be an adventure!

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