Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Weekly Update - August 16, 2011

Here is the overall picture of most of the garden.  The Asian greens that I planted are ready to pick.  The greens are a mix of tatsoi, mizuna, endive, and more stuff that I can't remember the name of.  I am making this recipe for Wilted Asian Greens tonight along with chicken and jasmine rice.

I picked our first cucumbers this morning.  These two beauties probably won't survive past lunchtime at our house.  Next summer I plan to grow my cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers inside the greenhouse.  They love warmth and sun and we just haven't had a ton of either this summer.

The greenhouse construction is moving along well.  Our back-ordered greenhouse film is supposed to ship this week.  Then we will have a roof!  We found a screen door and a gallon of green colored wood stain at the Habitat for Humanity Store

 The gallon of stain was $8 and the screen door was $15 - great prices!  The stain is a dark green - perfect for a greenhouse!  I like the screen door because it has character.  The raised panel design on the front is unique.  Maybe someday the boys and I will stencil designs on it too.

 I like how the colors of stain look together.  The brown stain was free from the Waste to Energy Plant.  The green came from the Habitat Store for $8.  So, we have colors that look great together and they weren't selected from endless choices.

There are only 4 more windows to go in, a roof, and some siding.  So exciting!  Stay tuned for the final project pictures.

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