Friday, September 23, 2011

September Update

The greenhouse is finished - complete with plastic sheeting on top.  It works well.  During our cold snap, the temperature inside the greenhouse was easily 10-15 degrees warmer than outside.  When it warmed back up to the 70's, the greenhouse got up to 90 degrees before I remembered to vent it.

Now Jayme is working on a fence for the garden using some old rusty wire fencing that our neighbor gave to us.  The fence will also slow the deer down a little.  They enjoy eating my tomatoes and lettuce on occasion.  Jayme is very precise in his work with huge attention to detail.  This is one of the joints that he is using to join the boards. He uses his router to shape both the fence post and the 2X4.  Once again, we are using all recycled wood that he got for free from job sites where a person is having a new deck or fence built.

Here is the finished stretch of fencing on one side of the garden.

I love how it looks.  I am busy harvesting and redesigning my garden for more production next year.  I will have more beds that are laid out in 30 inch rows with an 18 inch walking path through them.  Gone will be the days when the kids get to go into the garden and dig with their toys and shovels.  The beds will be permanent.  After harvesting a crop, I'll just need to gently till the top, add more compost and any soil amendments that are needed, and replant.

We are considering starting a weekly vegetable subscription option for people.  Each week, you would pick up a box containing a mixture of vegetables (whatever is ready for harvest) for a flat weekly fee.  Stay tuned for more information - if we decide to go ahead with the plan.

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