Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh golly, Goats!

We are now owners of two Nigerian Dwarf does (female goats).  I can honestly say that I never thought we would be goat owners.  Jayme and I are cattle people. We know and understand cattle.  Not goats...

But, cattle get a little larger than goats.  So, the goats are better projects for our kids right now.  Each boys is the proud owner of one goat.  Jacob's goat is named Pudding and she is 4 years old, just like Jacob.  Pudding is hopefully bred to have babies in February.  Daniel's goat is Rayne (the white one) and she was just born in March of 2011.

Daniel is starting 4-H this year with his goat.  Jacob can't start 4-H until he is older.  However, the boys have their goats because Jacob loves animals so much.  Jacob spent so much time at the petting zoo with the goats that his grandparents wanted to get him a goat of his own.  Thanks grandparents!

So, you can expect to hear more about goat adventures in the future.  And, if you live near us, you may have to come see them!

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