Saturday, March 3, 2012

Compost additions from a local food pantry

Yesterday afternoon we received a call to see if we were in need of pig food.  We aren't currently raising pigs.  But thinking of bags of grain, I decided to follow up.  Some grain products can be fed to other animals, depending on what the content is.  Well, this wasn't grain, instead it was about 20 plastic tubs of rotting food.from a local food pantry.  The food was so far decayed that it wouldn't have been safe to feed to any animals.  And, just in case you are wondering why there was so much decayed food at a food pantry, we took about a 2 month+ accumulation.  Overall, it was a small percentage of waste.  We still took it to add to our compost pile.  I will spare you the pictures.  It was a gross experience.  But, if you choose farm life, you will have many gross experiences.  It comes with the territory.   In 6 months, that will no longer be a pile of decaying vegetables.  Instead it will be beautiful black wonderful compost!  For more information on composting, email me or check out The Green Zone for more information about composting.

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