Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Goat Pics And A Dog Picture

Since we are a family farm, that means that family members are involved in what we do.  This post is designed and written by our 10 year old son, Daniel.   He thought the goat pictures are out of date and wanted to share new pictures.  The goats are 4-H projects for the boys.  More pictures of our goats are on the Rusty R Ranch website Daniel designed.

Rayne is the white NIGERIAN DWARF . Pudding is the pregnant black Nigerian dwarf . 

Rayne is1 in April .  Pudding will be 5 in May.  Rayne is my goat. Pudding is Jacob's goat.

Look at that udder on Pudding.  Her udder is big because she is going to have kids.   I hope she has girls because boys we have to sell. We get to keep girls.

             Rayne wants me to get out the way .                                Pudding is looking at me wanting grain . 

                                          Missy is a border collie mutt . She wanted her picture too.

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