Friday, October 19, 2012

Cider Press Harvest Party

We tried it out and the turn of the century cider press from Superior Drill company and it works great!  Jayme did a wonderful job rebuilding the press this summer. I wish we had before and after pictures.  It is attached to a pallet for ease of movement with the tractor.  This is one heavy press!

We picked all the pears from our two pear trees and make 6 gallons of pear cider.  We drank one gallon as warm spiced cider.  The other five gallons are fermenting into a hard pear cider also known as "Perry" using this recipe.  We want to share this press with our friends and family, so we had two dates that you can come out to our farm with your apples and use the cider press.  After the pressing is done, the clean up takes almost an hour, so we don't want to run just a few apples through it.

Cider pressing at our farm located just west of Spokane, WA:

Done for 2012 - Stay tuned for dates in 2013!

Bring your apples or pears and run them through our press! Bring your fruit, take home your juice. One 5 gallon bucket of apples or pears makes about 6 quarts of juice. Don't forget to bring a jug or two for your juice. We will provide warm drinks and maybe hotdogs and brats or smores. 

Also some of our produce and items from our farm will be available for sale or trade.  Feel free to just come by during the times listed above.  If you want to contact us with questions, our contact info is at the top right corner of this blog. 

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