Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Millwood Farmer's Market

This is our first year selling our vegetables and other farm products beyond our family and friends. Last summer, we ventured out to many Spokane area Farmer's Markets to see if this would be an option for us. We ended up applying as a vendor to only one Farmer's Market - the Millwood Farmer's Market that is held on Wednesdays from 3-7pm in the parking lot of Millwood Presbyterian Church in the Spokane Valley. We chose this market due to its smaller size and family friendly atmosphere.

We are selling vegetable starts (including tomato plants with ripening tomatoes on them!), vegetables, handmade aprons, and handmade woodworking. For the month of July, we will take reservations for our naturally raised meat chickens. Chickens are $15 each for approximately a five pound bird, or roughly $3/pound.
We are not selling at the market every week. We have a few family commitments that will keep us home on some Wednesdays. The vegetables keep growing even if we don't get to the market, so if you are looking for fresh locally grown produce, contact us! We may be able to supply your needs directly from our farm located near the Spokane International Airport and approximately five minutes from downtown Spokane.

We also are happy to host visitors or groups of kids. We have received visits in the past from preschool groups, homeschool kids and parents, and individuals.

Available this week:

Baby Leaf Lettuce Mix
Full heads of Asian Greens
Swiss Chard
White Turnips
New Potatoes
Fresh Garlic

Also potted plants of:

Bell and Hot Peppers
Bok Choy
Greek Oregano

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