Thursday, July 26, 2012

WIC and Senior Nutrition Program

We are an approved grower  for the Farmers Market Nutrition Program.  This means that we can take WIC FMNP and Senior FMNP checks.

If you or someone you know is a WIC participant, you can go to the local WIC office to get your Farmers Market checks.  Or, you can come to the Millwood Market and pick your checks up there.  This year, WIC participants are given $20 of checks in $5 denominations.

If you are a senior living on a low income, you may want to check out the Senior FMNP
  • Seniors apply for SFMNP benefits through local agencies. Eligible seniors (income below 185% of Federal Poverty level, a gross income of $1,678.91 a month for one in 2011 AND 60 years and older.) ** Source WSU Extension

 Senior FMNP particiants are given $40 of checks in $4 denominations.

We accept both WIC and Senior FMNP checks.  Look for this sign to determine growers who are participating in this program.

At the market yesterday, we created a $5 special to match the amount of the WIC checks (and for anyone to take advantage of).  For $5, participants received 1 head of lettuce, 1 bunch of carrots, and one small box of potatoes.  This gave the buyer a $1 savings over buying all the items separately.

As always, contact us to purchase produce or to see when we will be at the Millwood Farmers Market.  We don't sell there every week because we have so many family obligations this summer too!

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