Monday, July 2, 2012

Naturally Raised Chickens!

We are raising meat chickens over the next couple of months. They will be raised without antibiotics, sulfa drugs, hormones, or anything of that sort. Hormones are not legal for use in chickens, but both sulfa drugs (not considered an antibiotic by the FDA) and antibiotics are used by large chicken operations that supply the meat at the grocery stores. We believe that the taste is so much better than supermarket chicken too!

We are feeding a local feed mixture of wheat, barley and peas from farmers in E Washington and N Idaho (much of it comes from the Palouse). This is not organic feed, but we love that it is local to this area. We intentionally are not feeding any soybeans or corn as they are both not local and also the two most genetically modified feeds in the US.

The price of the chickens is $15/each or approximately $3/pound for an average bird of 5 pounds. A $5 deposit per bird is due with your order to hold your chicken(s). The remaining $10 is due when picking up your chicken. We have a limited number of birds available. In the event that we are unable to deliver a chicken to you (death loss is possible with any animal), we will refund your deposit. The earliest orders will be filled first.

You will take home a whole "dead" chicken in a plastic bag - just like in the grocery stores. The chickens will be "bone-in" - you won't be receiving just chicken breasts. You will need to pick up the cooled and bagged chicken within 4 hours of butchering.

Butchering date is estimated at Saturday September 1 - Labor Day weekend. If you plan to be away, a friend or relative can pick your chicken up for you.

Please contact us to reserve your chickens.

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